Tic tacs

We took Ele to the Dr yesterday and now have a second opinion scheduled already (since I don't trust the first one we are scheduled to see cause he has already seen her twice and it took our family Dr to find out what was wrong with her). We also have an allergist appt scheduled, as we are afraid that her allergies may be keeping her feeling tired and therefore not able to handle her "flares" when they occur. She is on ibuprofen and a rx strength of fish oil (non-metal) to help with her joints. Thank you SOO much for the prayers.

Ele and I were in the office moving some pics and she said over and over, "Momma you need some tic-tacs?" She was talking about thumb tacks! It was very cute!

I heard this song yesterday on the Christian station. It's by Third Day and it's called "When the Rain Comes". I heard it before I went to Ele's appt and felt like God was talking to me again. You know we keep the FAITH going even if it's through thanking God for the beauty of music.

When the rain comes it seems that everyone has gone away

When the night falls you wonder if you shouldn't find someplace

To run and hide

Escape the pain

But hiding's such a lonely thing to do

I can't stop the rain

From falling down on you again

I can't stop the rain

But I will hold you 'til it goes away

When the rain comes you blame it on the things that you have done

When the storm fades you know that rain must fall on everyone

Rest awhile it'll be alright

No one loves you like I do

When the rain comes

I will hold you


God Bless!


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