all of it

I remember been a teenager and going to Camp one weekend with Jess. She and I had fun. I remember her saying (basically) that by beleveing in God, if you were wrong you lost nothing, and if you were right, you gained everything. I got this quote today, and it made me think of that. The other thing it made me think of was when I was sick. I got an enormous amount of comfort from watching Joyce Meyer every morning. I could not go to church, so it meant a lot. Also, I don't believe in her, but her preaching is great. I think I felt the closest to God during that time. Now was it because of the sickness, or being that devoted to God that I spent 30min of my day, and a lot of praying? I'm not for sure, but after reading this I know I'm gonna try and spend "A little time with Jesus" more! Have a great weekend yall!

" I'd rather hope for everything and get some of it, than hope for nothing and get all of it."~Joyce Meyer

God Bless!


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