I have been having trouble with logging in! Sorry yall! I have to tell you about Robert's great mystery. Tonight we were watching the intro for a home show on a couple's remodel of their home. Robert starts asking April and I " Did you see that animal? Did you see it? What was that?!?" Needless to say he was excited. He said that was no average animal. That was wierd!, he kept saying. He kept on describing this wierd face, slow moving, so much that finally I asked if it was a sloth....he said it was, but he HAD to see it again. Well he sits on the couch not moving for the next 30 min. I was going to bed and he walks through very disgusted. I asked what was wrong, and all he said was "It was a golden retriever". I laughed, and of course, laughed some more at his expense. So soon ask Robert if he's seen any sloth's lately! Stay safe in the nasty weather, however the weather guys get it right!

God Bless!


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