the big day

I just said to Robert...well tomorrow is the big day! He said yep...then we looked at each other. We had said the very thing two years ago. It amazes me at how much a life can change in an instant, much less two years.
I had my blood drawn today to see if I can take my last shot (the one I'm allergic to) on Friday, and the girl, (who I hadn't got to meet before, but talked to a lot on the phone) said I wondered what you looked like...I never would have known you, I expected someone who didn't look good. I replied Thank you.
And I am thankful...I fought, not for myself, for everyone, but especially for my girls....all three. I looked at their pics the whole time on the folder I carried...well Robert carried it, I was too weak...I just held it. I thought that during the time I was away fighting, I would want to see their pics...but it hurt...I couldn't be with them, but I made myself look at them...I craved their faces. Whenever I would show their pics I would say the big one, the little one, and the goldilocks.
Now two years later my goldilocks is cutting off her hair because she wants to help other kids. Please remember the most important thing....I am BLESSED, and so are you!
Yeah...a lot can happen in two can die...and you can live....your kids can grow up...and everyday they can make you proud...while everyday you live...and I do mean live! Thank yall for sharing these years with us....Now do me another favor....GO LIVE TODAY! ..oh and Happy Valentine's Day!

God Bless!


Anonymous said…

Just watched the news...and you did it again. You brought a big ole dumb redneck to tears again. But this time was different. It was because I was so thankful that you are still here...and that you have passed your love for others on to your daughters.

A couple of years ago, I was afraid that I might not ever hear your voice again. You always seem to light up a room, even when you were sad or upset I always loved to hear your voice in the "halls of Kirby". Nothing ever fake..always told things like they were, never holding back your thoughts. When I left Kirby, I left allot of friends behind, with the propmise of better things to come...well that never happened by the way...till I started working from home... I haven't spoken to many of them since, only by email from time to time. But with them, I can always go back over to Portland and visit. When I heard you had cancer, I was so afraid for you and your family. On my last day, I went from office to office telling everyone goodbye and how much I appreciated working with them. I remember that you were out of town and I never got to say goodbye. I was afraid then that I might have waited too long to tell you how much appreciated working with you and most of all your sincerety and friendship. You see, I don't have a huge number of real friends, so I kind of like to hang onto the ones I have.

I think it was Larry Mac that told me you had a blog on MySpace so we could keep up with your treatment progress. From then on, I have been trying to keep up with you and the family. Well, from the look and sound of things on the news tonight, your back to 100% or better. I was doing fine till you choked up and then my "allergies" started acting up too. I was such a beautiful thing that your daughter did. I know you have to be so proud of her! So many kids are only worried about toys or video games. I can tell they have a geniune love for others. That's the best traight you guys could have ever passed along!

You, Robert and the kids are so lucky to have each other. There are those, whether their own fault or whether other circumstances dictate, who spend most of their lives alone. Without good, God fearing friends to inspire them and help to move them along, they might not be able to go on. Please never take your family and friends for granted. I know that you never will.

It was so good to see you and hear your voice. Thanks for letting your light shine for all the world to see. God bless you and your family.

Happy Valentines Day!!....and Happy 2 years Birthday of the beginning of your healing!!

Na said…
Todd! Now you made me cry! And laugh and are hilarious! I am very thankful to have such great friends. I am blessed to be cured, to have such great friends, to have a wonderful family, and to have very special girls. I do owe it all to God. I can also say that I think I am a better human being than when I was at Kirby, because I don't have the temper I used to have, I am more accepting of people, and especially situations. There are things in life you have to our family motto, "suck it up!" I also, and more importantly put my priorities straight. My family comes first before work, no matter what. Yes, there are instances when I have to work more, but they are abnormal, and more especially, my children are not so comfortable with Momma not being there.
Now you suck it up, and live your life for you. You deserve happiness Todd, don't ever think, even deep down, that you don't!
I thank God for my girls, they are my pride. They are so strong and brave in their own right. As for your friendship Todd...I cherish it...Thank you!

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