Well, my allergies have changed.  We noticed a big change after transplant because I could not stand a vacuum. We were told that there would probably not be that big of a change, but there was!  I am only allergic to 4 things now....out of dozens before!  The 4 are dust mites (no surprise, but now it is extreme!) red cedar, dog and cat.....yes cat.  He said that washing them, wiping them and keeping the house clean...all of which we do, I can tolerate them well.  No wonder we did not realize it before....we've been managing it well.  He also said that my asthma may not be that bad, that it may be my vocal chords having problems, so he's sending me to a specialist. Ele got a phenomenal checkup!  We are soooo blessed!  Hope yall have a great day and thank you for your prayers.  Please pray for a friend who just became a widow and a friend who's son was in a bad wreck.  We know prayers work, for we are ALL living proof.  Have a great one yall!

God Blesses!


Cioara Andrei said…
Foarte interesant subiectul acesta.M-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place tare mult.Cu siguranta am sa mai revin. O zi buna!

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