When we are happy we want everyone to be happy around us...the world is sooo rosy!  Why don't we tell everyone we are blessed and spread the word.  Blessings are abundant and we don't have to look hard to find them.  Sure there are "those days", but do the few dictate our attitude?  Do we give the devil that much power?  Shouldn't we try and spread the word through our actions.....for instance...a professional atmosphere....you can't spread the word or you can lose your job, but you can show them.....show everyone that God is Glorious!  When we are down and our spirit is hurting...there are others who are suffering to...and they may not know that God is there to raise us up to be so much more than we can ever be on our own.  He gives us strength, now let us use that strength to spread his word, to support everyone we can....no matter how small the thing...to someone else it may be the world.

God Blesses!


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