K, so I have to have my breathing and allergy testing today.  The allergy testing will be for the 8th time in my life, but the last time was 14 years ago....a lot has happened since then and we want to help my breathing issues.  I have had to be off my meds for 7 days, so I have had to wear my glasses for half the week and am scratching like a dog.

Last night I had been scratching my belly a lot...like the other itching spells I was not even aware of it until Ele and I had this conversation:
Ele: Momma how is your belly?
Me: Huh? (As I look down and see what I'm doing) Oh...I guess it's itchin.
Ele: Is it bad Momma?
Me: (Raising my shirt to see, and it looks angry red, but I don't want her to worry) It's not bad baby.
Ele: Oh Mooooommmmmma.  (really pitifully said).  It's swollen!
Me: (looking at it closely) Uh honey, it's not.
Ele: Yeah Momma look it's big then skinny. (as she rubs my belly)
Me:  Honey, that's not the itchin, that's my belly.

At this point....Ele is giggling!  Yeah...I don't have a six pack, but I'm swollen!

God Blesses!


Angelo said…
Usei um tradutor pra ler o seu blog, nossa! Alergia que ruim hein. Espero que você melhore!

Você escreve espontanamente, muito bom de se ler!

Abraços. See you.
Na said…
Muito obrigado. Você escrita é lindo! I utilizado um tradutor. Sim, meu alergias estão mal, mas eu estou vivo! ha ha!

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