A few days ago I had a rant.  A rant to someone who will never read it (poor it was not him...haha), it was a representation of all who have gotten so down on themselves and have finally had enough...a mantra, a chant, a battle cry.  
I have realized something.  As parents, as mothers (wether by birth or not, but always by the grace of God) we try to do it all.  I know we struggle, and chastize ourselves when our priorities slip.  Its not a state of mind, it is a way of life.  Our priorities can be a source of such guilt, when we lose them, when our focus should be on their joy.  
I had misplaced my joy....blaming myself for letting my priorities slip....then I heard Joyce Meyers say that the focus of our priorities requires a daily if it doesn't come easy have not failed.
Priorities are so important today of all days.  Its not about a pretty turkey, fluffy taters, and shiny hams.  Its about family and friends.  I am truly blessed!

God Blessed!


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