Ele and Lex had a great day.  They were so excited talkin over each other about school, classes, friends, and soccer practice.  They act like sisters so much.  Ive caught glimpses before of Lex watching over Ele, but last night it was obvious.
Out of the blue Ele says, "I almost got trampled today!"  I busted out laughin!  Lex standing on tip toe like she was lookin over people, and pointin a long way off said, "I know you should have saw her walkin down the hall all you could see was her backpack and the top of her head.  She looked so little!"  Lex was laughin so hard and Ele was grinnin.  I looked at Ele and asked if she was scared.  Very sincerly and smilin Ele responded with, "Naw."  I knew Lex was watching out for Ele and I think Ele did too....as big sisters should.  Weve always said the world should watch out for Miss Emerson, but now I really think so cause her sisters will be watchin! Haha
God Blesses!


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