Am I always positive, no….but I make a conscious effort to be…am I always successful…no.  Life is not all smiles and happiness, but when life knocks us down and negativity invades, waller in it for a little while, then get back up, suck it up, learn from it, and move.  Life is short.  You have to live every day, enjoy it, embrace it.  I started the blog so everyone could keep up with us.  I continue it for two reasons….a journal for the girls, and to inspire people to LIVE AND LAUGH.  I get terrified when I think of others making the same mistake I did in not LIVING life.  We flew through it thinking that the more we packed in was what we were “supposed” to do.  Not having our priorities right with God, spouse and children first, before work.  Thinking that I had to be the best Mother, Wife, Employee….that by doing more I could accomplish what all “working” mothers do….that I could be ALL and do ALL for everyone.  I was taught that I don’t have to be ALL…that quantity is not better than quality….that it’s ok to not take ALL so seriously, that I don’t have to be perfect, that I can accept when something is not done “the right way”, that the dishes can sit in the sink another day…that it’s ok to have your child eat cereal out of a mixing bowl or use a housecoat as a towel.  It’s great to be able to laugh at yourself, embarrassment will not kill you, nor will peeing on yourself in public….to look at everything as a learning experience, and by learning from it you can be positive to live your life positively.  That you got knocked down is not important, that you got back up is.  Is the glass half full or half empty….who the heck cares?!  Drink the dad-gome water and get back to living. 
Experiences teach us a lot, not by choice, but we need to learn none the less.  The load we carry after that is our responsibility.  I know what a burden is, what being a burden is, that everyone has their own, and NO ONES is “more” than someone elses….why?  Because I learned.  I want people to learn from me so it doesn’t have to be them.  I want my girls to learn so their life and what they experience in life is better….or their outlook on it will be.
Am I passionately positive about it?  YES…cause God Blesses!


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