Are you ready to go back to school?  We hear it said to kids and teachers, this time of year.  Those who say it to teachers need an umbrella to defend themselves against the reaction of the teachers...much like that of a wild kitten, claws out, hissing and spitting.  This year is different for us...for this year we have a new chapter beginning. 
Buzzing the air is the anxious anticipation of “Middle School”.  Yep Lex and Ele will begin middle school.  Lex, well she has become very independent, the advocate for the underdog, the one who can’t stand injustice, and feels emotions around her as a sponge soaking up water.  Lex will be hold her own.  Ele, well my chest tightens and I begin to think back to her growing up.  I see her chubby cheeks pressed against the back door wanting to come in cause she was Sweeattttyyyyy! I see her face showing concern as we sat on the front porch swing talking about Momma’s boo-boo you couldn’t see, and her only question…wanting to make sure I could pick up her little sister when I got better, as I made no promises.  I see her donating her hair to children she did not know, but cared for just the same, one, two, three times.  Then I hear her laugh, her voice saying, “Haaaayyyyy Momma!”, and I smell the sweet scent of her neck in the morning.  I feel my chest swell with pride over her never ending determination in the classroom or on the field, but most of all her character.
I feel the fear as I looked down at my huge belly the night before she was born, crying because I would no longer be able to protect her all of the time.  As a parent our initial reaction is to be scared for our children.  A fear that we know they will face hurt and obstacles, and we will be unable to protect them.  They must go out into a new situation, a new “world”, and grow up.  Our fear is that they won’t be prepared to face it….but ultimately that as parents we haven’t prepared them.  We haven’t prepared them for EVERYTHING.  Then we stop….wait….laugh!  Silly goose…you have NEVER protected them, you have never watched over them all of the time, you will never be able to corral the hurt from them, never completely prepare them….for someone already has and will always….God is great.  Our glorious God protects our children, when their family cannot, and when they have thought they were.  Our children are not alone, they do not face the world bearing the burdens of life alone, no….they are held.
My girls-  This Momma and Merna promises you….hold tight to the word of God, for he will not leave you, let FAITH (no not you Lex), but faith in God that He will take care of you.  He always has for He has blessed us beyond words, He has blessed you with great friends and family, who are behind you ever step you take.  We will always be here for you whether on this earth or with angels in heaven. We are proud of you for being you, for you are so special!
Ele-  Keep the Faith baby….clutch it in your hands and within your heart.  When you are scared, upset, confused, or any other negative feeling, turn to the Lord.  Pray and Suck it up….it’s in God’s hands.  You are in God’s hands, you always have been.  Don’t be afraid to speak, to let that light of yours shine.  You are a child of God…and you are so important…..your Momma promises you.  Oh and Baby….I love you.
God Blesses!


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