Redneck wishes

First let me say a big thank you to yall for the prayers for Momma, she is doing great! Happy Birthday to Dalton today, and Happy Anniversary to David and Holly on Monday! Now, your laugh…with a title like that what did you expect when you knew if redneck was in the title it was going to be something right?

Well first let me say that Eme woke up this morning with a sore throat and has been exceptionally whiny today….and of course we HAD to go to the place that Ele says I hate…Wal-Mart. Second, I know we have talked about how you don't know what goes on in someone's lives, and I can officially say I am THAT MOTHER in Wal-Mart now….I will never look at them down my nose and judge them anymore. Well, Robert was working out and the girls had been arguing about who was going to push the buggy, ride, etc, the entire time.

We get to the cheese section, which is out in front of EVERYBODY…you know where you can see down the whole side of the store. Well they are arguing, Eme is whining, and I needed something from the end of the isle directly across from where they standing, so I tell them to stay still and I go to get the item. Honestly I did just need two seconds to not hear whining and bickering, so like a rat in a race, I took the chance. Now, there was a HUGE display of bacon in the middle of the isle in between them and I. I could not see them, but felt it was safe since I could see if they appear on either side or if someone came near them.

I watch them the entire time, or the area they are confined to. I grab my item and see a guy a little younger than me walk near them. I make sure he keeps walking, but then I see his face. He has this look of horror on it and is looking down at my children…which I still could not see directly myself. I speed up and round the bacon display……to see my two dear little angels in a hair pulling, throat choaking, twisting mess. Yep they were having a fight in the cheese isle in Wal-Mart. I grab them apart, and I start giggling…I couldn't help it! Eme sees me giggling and leans against the cheese case grinning and Ele is clutching me crying.

All I could think to myself then and now is… I am proud. I feel I have reached a higher status in Motherhood. As I say often….been there, done that, got the scars to prove it. I just remind myself God has given me the blessings and it's my job to make the best of every situation, and enjoy whatever (even if it's in the form of a fight in Wal-Mart) comes our way!

God Bless!


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