the other side looking in

Do you ever feel like you're going thru Deja vu, but your on the other side of where you were the first time? Then you think hey I really need to pay attention, cause God has let me already experience this once and prepared me, so this must be really important. Yeah, folks it's been one of those days. A day when you go the gamut of emotions, only to be dropped in familiar territory. Territory that for some reason is comfortable because it's familiar, but scary because you thought you'd NEVER have to experience it again. God just WOULD NOT let that happen. My Momma has not been feeling well, but the Dr had thought it was complications from her knee surgery in May. Today we got the call that we were not to be too worried that it wasn't as serious as it seems, but she has a brain tumor. It is located on her Thalamus. It is supposed to be taken care of fairly easily, but we won't know for sure until we go to see the Dr on next Tuesday. Please put her on your prayer lists. It's what got us through the first time. It's easy to be strong when you have got support.

God Bless!


Beth Gregory said…
The power of prayer is amazing. You know, we've always been told that there is a reason for everything, good and bad. God allowed you to go through your experiences to know how to get through it with your mom. I know that we are not as close as we could be,and I am sorry for my busy lifestyle, but that doesn't mean that I love you guys any less or that the prayers are any fewer!!! God hears every one of them. I don't want to bombard your mom with calls, but PLEASE let her know that I love her and that we are praying for her. I will have Byram's Chapel pray for her too!!! Love, Bethie
Holly said…
You know she is in my prayers! Please keep us posted! This was a shocker to read! Let her know we are thinking of her! Lots of love!
Na said…
Bethie do not apologize you are the true Wonder Woman!
Yall don't know how much your support means. Putting the prayer word out and being there is all I could ever ask! Love yall! Like I said it's easier because we're not alone. I'll tell her what yall said.

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