Road Map

I have been lax in posting.  I apologize.
Mainly because I have been trying to get my self in order.  I neglected the most important things in life because I did not focus on my health.  I let the world direct my focus.  There are many days that I forget I am a miracle...even with my nose ring reminder. 
Lately my health was on the back burner (mental and physical).  To give credit though...physical wise I have been trying, but it has been trial and error since there is not much of a road map for my present health.  NOT ANYMORE.  I am taking control...and giving it over to GOD.
My roadmap...whatever God has planned.
I kept putting it off...doing what I hear God telling me.  I WILL let God lead the dance of my life.
I kept thinking just to make it through the day then I would start tomorrow.  We are NOT promised tomorrow....I have wrote the date many times today, but not realized the date.  I heard the song, "Tough"...the verse when they found out she had cancer...I snapped to the date, and my mouth fell open.  I have been forgetting....forgetting to say thank you...thank you to God by living each day to it's fullest, by giving him the glory through my saying Thank you!
I owe yall a BIG thank you as well, for all the many prayers and support.  My road map 7 years ago today...when we were told I had cancer...was in God's hands...and what undescribable hands they are.

God Blesses!


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