Please pray for Ele and Lex who have fevers. Ele has some sort of infection, and Lex has to go to the Dr in the morning.

I have meetings tomorrow that aren't major, but have had to prepare for….I want to be prepared so that I won't be tempted to deviate from what I am supposed to say and move into the realm of what I want I shouldn't say. Ie…stick my foot in my mouth. I haven't voiced this to anyone, so I know that's why when Eme began praying tonight I got freaked. We were praying tonight and Eme starts praying that she hopes we don't get fired tomorrow (or in detention), then later on prayed for our jobs tomorrow. She walked out and I looked at Robert and said, "That freaked me out because I have my meetings tomorrow!" Robert says, "That freaked me out too!" haha! I hope it was just because people pray for those who have lost their jobs in church, and not that she's relaying messages again! We really do need to say a prayer for those who have lost their jobs though. We really don't know when ANYTHING could happen to ANY of us.

God Bless!


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