Ele’s 9

We had a big weekend. I found out I have a sinus infection on Friday. Ele's best friend spent the night Friday night. Saturday morning Ele had her first soccer game of the season. She elbowed and shoved a little boy within the first 10 min, touched the ball a LOT, and about 5 min before half time one of the hardest hitters on our team kicked the ball into Ele's face when he was trying to pass. Happy birthday baby! She looked rough and her nose bled a little, but she got back in the game. Her face started looking better and she did not even have a headache…God watched over us again. Saturday night we rested and went over Mana's. Today church, and shopping. Tonight….tired and feeling rough…..I'd swear it's 1am! Haha! Have a great one!

God Bless!


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