I was going to title this blog Grads, but kept thinking of love.  Lex and Ele had their 5th grade recognition last night.  Yes, our girls are graduating 5th grade, Elementary school, moving on up.....Lex and Ele will be going to Middle School!  Our girls won awards and I was so proud of them.  To me though all the awards won didn't mean as much as (voted on by their classmates) Lex receiving most Honest and Ele most Dependable....says so much about their characters.  Don't get me wrong their grade accomplishments, and Ele winning most beautiful handwriting (when she's a lefty!) meant a lot, but to know that their smart and beautiful, inside and out, and was something earned through respect is just special to me.
I now have a tendency to look at things as joyous or humerus, not sappy or upsetting.  I said tendency, not rule. Last night I did not have a tear in my eye, but at the end the kids were asked to hand out their appreciation gifts. Many children handed out one to each parent.  Ele gave one to Robert and I, the words as honest and heartfelt as she is.  Lex had three.  One to A Becky, April, and then Robert.  I looked down at Roberts read it once and said Aww...then I read it again... she thanked her Daddy for helping her, and then, well then, she thanked him for his Love....yeah I teared up and just kept saying....your love.  Robert immediately put it in his wallet.  I knew what that would would rot in there (just as the worn into pieces phone number of the little Brackentown girl he was given 18 years ago has)...thank God Lex laminated it!  Oh...and Momma got to go see them!  Whoo hoo!

God Blesses...and I thank him everyday!


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