We got off the elevator in the Dr building, and my phone was playing music. I have Dream Big (my song) on my phone, and you can activate it to play. Well, we stopped and looked at Robert, and he smiled (even though he was wired) and said, "Must be a sign huh?" I saw a door right there beside of us, but paid no attention to it, then we went down the hall. Well we saw the Dr. He said that her heart looks perfect, and that he eliminated life threatening problems. He said her color was circulation, not her short on oxygen. That she may do it again, and may never, but that he can't say for sure what is wrong, until he gets a reading of it while it's happening, so her heart monitor will be delivered Wednesday, and she will have it for a month. We just hook her up to it when she has an episode. She goes back in a month. When we were leaving, I noticed the door that we had stood by, smiled and said, "Robert look at the door." It was the speaker from the Survivor Celebration, and it said, "Vanderbilt Cancer...". Funny huh?

Speaking of funny....
Ele and I were in the bathroom after the Dr, (to which she didn't react to anything in there), but we are in the handicapped stall, and they had regular toilets, that had slanted tops, and a huge roll of toilet paper on it. Well, you can imagine that when I flushed it, the roll was taking a dive. I smacked it in mid air and it hit the floor. Ele goes "Whew! We are blessed!" At least she knows a blessing when she sees one!

Thank yall for all the prayers and support. Yall know that miracles do happen. We might not know exactly what yet, but we are ALL blessed.

God Bless!


Denise Hardison said…
Whew, I am glad I checked in on this blog again tonight. I was glad to hear good news!!! I will pass that on to Holly & David when I speak to them tomorrow. Love reading your upbeat testimony to what God can do if we trust in Him.
blessedx6 said…
God is good...ALL the time!! I am so excited, relieved, happy,(do you get the idea?)for you all. love ya lots, Bethie

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