I need yall to pray. Not an hour after I posted yesterday Robert came rushing in the house with a limp Ele. She had said she didn't feel well, and then she crumpled on the steps face down. Robert rolled her over and she was pale blue, and her lips were lavander. He came rushing in the house and she was able to answer us. I made her sit up and she said she wanted some water, after a little bit her coloring came back a little. We called her Dr, and we took her down. Another wild car ride, Robert couldn't drive, and I was on dizzy meds. They ran all kind of tests, and on the way down I got to thinking. Two other times her lips turned purple/pink, but it was in the pool, and she said she was cold, so we shrugged it off. She has been having a lot of "tingling" in her feet, but we thought that was growing pains. When you add it all together though, it all relates. All of the tests came back good, and she was still pale this morning. She is scheduled for 9:30 Monday morning with the Pediatric Cardiologist. If they don't find anything out, we move on to the Neurologist. Her Dr said that sometimes they don't find out what is wrong, but she doesn't know us...we don't give up. Something is wrong, but for now we have to keep her cool and calm. She is adorable with her tooth out, and her words have "sh" in them.
Again, please pray for her. We just need to find out what it is so we can "fight" it.

God Bless!


Holly said…
I am praying. Give Ele a big kiss from us! If you guys need us while we are out of town, just call the cells or email, we can check both. Love ya'll!
Denise Hardison said…
I find your blog funny and inspirational. I was shocked and saddened to hear about Ele and I too am praying that you find the cause and it can be fixed. Loved the comments by the pool, kids listen to everything we say and often repeat the things we don't want them to. Thinking of you all and admiring the great family you are.

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