tooth and memories

Who remembers losing a tooth? I do. One time my Momma tried yanking mine out by tying it to and slamming the frig door...didn't work...Daddy got onto her and used the back door, and it flew across the kitchen. We found it, but for a second....I thought I wasn't gonna get any money! Everybody says Eme looks like Robert, and yes, she does! Those that know my Daddy say that Ele looks like him, but others say she looks like me. I noticed last week that she was getting freckles across her cheeks, and nose, then today I got a call at work...her first tooth was loose! They are all getting big, Lex her size, Eme her attitude, and Ele well, she's moving from the baby stage to the "big girl" stage, Eme is too, but Ele seems so mature. To think her hair is to her waist, and she had lost it that one time, now my baby is a kid, and I know if something ever happened to me, she could lead Robert around by the nose! One of the things I try to tell yall is to enjoy every moment of every day, just look at kids! They grow so fast, but they live everyday to it's fullest, only two things our kids teach us! Some kids teach us a whole lot!

God Bless!


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