Im on vacation today, prepping for Emes party finishing painting, and I decide to swim for exercise this morning.   I listen to Turning Point on my phone.  The water is cold as i start to get in...then out.  Two or three times I do this trying to decide, and finally choose my health.  So down the ladder and walking around the pool with my arms held high....

Then i see the little critters...frogs...1...2...3...a couple of cuss words later, and running at a much faster pace I launch out of the pool.  As i wrap my towel around me i start to grab the railing....and #4 is below my hand!  You know some days we dont pay attention to hear God...i heard Him this morning loud and clear...get in there and work!....i believe i also heard Him add....and have Robert check the pool before u get in next time!

God Blesses!


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