Snow White

Please say a prayer for Ele and Robert.  Last night I accidently ran over her little kitten, Snow White.  Daddy said she was gonna get hit because she never gets out of the way.  I thank God that it wasn't Robert who did it, as she is more of his kitten than Ele's.  She followed Robert everywhere.  He had commented that he had never seen a kitten you could step on and it would purr.  I thank God also that I did it and not Ele.  Snow White would  follow Ele to the car and try and get in, if she would have shut the door on her, it would have broke her heart.  I've never hit a cat, unlike Robert who has hit almost all of the animals on the ark, so I was upset as well.  On a lighter note, later in the evening, Parker the big black and white cat outside who drools all of the time, took a flying leap off the tote, sailing thru the air to land on April's boobs...we all were laughing so hard with Lex hollering....."Merna's gonna pee!"

God Blesses!


April Jane said…
So wonderful that my boobs made it to your blog! That poor cat is obsessed with getting loving!

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