storms and chills

So yesterday, I emailed my cousins first asking them to pray for Karen and her family.  The Cuz emailed me and said that she was prayin for Karen.  In the next email she said that she was so glad I emailed cause she had a lot on her.  Her words were that I was her rock in a storm and she felt like the storm was so big right now and I had better be ready to get wet.  I asked her if she had read my blog, and found out she had not.  WOW.  We've said that God gave us a special connection...but isn't that so wild!  He shows us in our lives that he has a plan that he knows what he is doing, and we have to have FAITH.  So yesterday I got chills.  Today I pray also....for Karen...for Aunt Patsy (LOVE U) who is undergoing a procedure on her heart this mornin, and for you.  Please pray with me!  May our eyes recognize and be thankful for God's Amazing Grace!!!

God Blesses!


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