Today is going to be a crazy one! We have planned to work, pick up Ele and go to Vandy for appts the rest of the day. We will find out about Robert's eyes long term, and about Ele. Pray for miracles! On a lighter note. I came home with my prize yesterday.....I got my 32" flat panel TV! I won it at work for losing the most fat%....6.4%! I am now almost at the weight I was before I got sick (But slimmer cause I've been exercising). Ele and Eme were asking me about the TV, and I said you know how Momma lost weight in my booty and belly? They said yes, so I said well I won a TV for it at work. Eme gasps and jerks up my shirt and looks at my belly! I said, "It's not in my belly crazy! It's in the car!" Have a great day yall!

God Bless!


Holly said…
Will be thinking of you! Love ya'll!

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