Well today we registered two high schoolers and a middle schooler!  Numerous people asked if I was gonna cry.  I hadnt given it a lot of thought...then it hit me.  No.  I just said I was sick when the two started kindergarten, so Im just thankful to be here. 

Honestly, now that I think about it.  The day I registered them was the day we were told it was malignant.  The first person I told in person, theirs and my kindergarten teacher.  We held each other in the hall and cried. 

Tonight was the first year we havent went to register at North Sumner in a decade.  The first time Eme strutted in East claiming it as her own.  The first time Lex and Ele started high school as freshman, knowing the next school they start will probably be the only time they will not start one  Now that made me tear-up, but as my Grandmother said, "We will cross that bridge when we get there."  We are truly blessed!

God Blesses!


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