Since when did prayer become so political?  Kinda ironic that the very reason those opposing prayer in schools are now finding it backfiring.  They want seperation with equality for all religions....The Malcolm X's of the school systems.  The very ideals that started in school systems with integeration are now being used in the opposite way...the leaders who battled so hard so that all our children could learn together as they should, would now roll over in their graves. 
  By trying to remove prayer in schools "for the sake of our children", we are forcing our teachers to walk a fine line.  To question the oath they took to lead our children....we fire them for what they might do to tarnish a schools reputation by not leading by example, but we expect them to turn their backs on the beliefs of "we the people". question is this... to the leaders demanding that a head may not be bowed....where is equality for all....(oh I know!  Pick me! Pick me!) thats a good example of leadership. 
God Blesses!


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