So proud today.  Ele and Eme are getting their haircut.  Ele lost her beautiful goldilocks at the age of two, due to a fever.  When it grew back in, it grew back in.  At the age of 7 she decided to donate it to locks of love….on my 2nd “birthday” more so because it was Val day.  You can see it here.  The second time Ele cut her hair, she wasn’t alone in having it cut.  Eme cut hers too. You can see them together here.  Now, they do it again today.  Ele is making her third donation and Eme her second…!  Ele keeps saying she’s just going to keep growing and cutting, growing and cutting.  I realize that some day she will choose not to do so, and that is ok, but for today I will live.  For today I will hold my girls and thank God I am alive…and that they help others from the goodness of their hearts… Ele says, “We’re not lucky….we’re blessed!”
God Blesses!


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