the things they say

So this morning I (as usual) was in a hurry.  Eme (as usual) was having trouble finding socks, and drama was following her.  Eme comes to me as I'm scurrying into my clothes, and says, "Momma, Ele won't let me wear her sock.  It's only one sock Momma and she's mad."  Well what do I do.....I pop off with, "Whoopie doo Eme.  Wear the sock, it's not a big deal."  Eme walks off and Robert says, "Did you just say whoopie doo?"   I didn't reply cause I didn't have time before we hear Eme with her infamous words...."Momma said...."  yep, she said, "Momma said....whoopie doo. I'm wearing them Ele."  Robert started laughing and I just said, "Oh hush....usually it's you!".  Have a great day yall!

God Blesses!


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