So I was going to write about how we talk about keeping the Christ in Christmas, but it is seldom heard about keeping the Thanks in Thanksgiving.  A lot of people call it Turkey Day....Do we give Thanks enough for the blessings in our lives?  So we let everyone know that Thanks and Blessings go hand in hand....that God is the center of those blessings and Thanks?  Thank you God!  Then this morning as I was pulling out of the drive I wanted so bad to take a picture and post it.  Abby (the poop eating dog....I know I've blogged before about how poor Abby loves cat poop)....well Abby was sitting so anxiously staring at the eyes followed to the cutest white kitten...with his hind legs crouched up to his ears, using the bathroom.  SOOOOO bad I wanted to post the picture with the title..."Abby...anxiously waiting for breakfast!"  Then I decided no....I need to talk about Thanksgiving....then I decided to lighten your mood for the day.  So for Thanksgiving.....say Thanks all day and all season for the Thanksgiving reason for the season is Thanks to God.....not only over turkey but also....breakfast!

God Blesses!


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