I am so blessed and thankful. For sometime now...well ever since my cookin became good..haha..Momma has wanted me to make my Grandmothers famous chocolate pies. I have refused.
I am good at cooking and enjoy creating and simplifying recipies. The chocolate pie was perfected long before I was born. I knew that if it came out bad...well let's just say they're are recipes that are handed down in our families that prove you are a cook. I'm truly blessed to have the blood...and heart (of those who are not by blood but have helped raise me) of great women.
Today is truly special....for today I became a cook. My pride lies not in my accomplishment....which looks and tastes (I helped lick the bowl) pretty darn good. My pride lies in the fact that I did not do it alone. I made a memory and continued a tradition. Those in heaven led Eme and I to make a memory of a first for us...and not a last...for Eme and I made choc pie together.
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Uncle Jerry and Aunt Shirley...this pie and blogs for u!
God Blesses!
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