1st…let me say Happy Anniversary to Robert. No, it's not our wedding anniversary, but a mucho important day to us…the day we started dating. Yep, today makes 17 years. Wow! Can yall believe he has put up with me this long? 2nd… Happy Birthday on Sunday to Jess! Love ya! And 3rd… thank yall. Sunday I will be 4 years old by Vandy standards. Yep 4 years considered cancer free!

Now onto the funny stuff. Yall know how I've said that Eme has this spiritual connection, and it really amazes me that all of us just take it as the truth, without doubting. It's never till after the situation that we realize we didn't question. With the girls, Ele is the voice of reason, Lex is the concerned one and Eme is the daredevil one. So it amazes us that Ele never questioned the situation. Well.. Ele and Eme lay in the bed with me until Robert comes upstairs, then they go to their beds and Robert tucks them in. So I'm in the middle Eme on my right and Ele on my left (so picture a ping pong match)…

Eme: Momma how come yall call me J.R.? {[meaning my Grindad}

Rena: Cause you act just like him.

Ele: Yeah and you never even met him or saw him or anything.

Eme: {silence}

Ele: {you can tell feeling guilty} Well, you'll get to see him in heaven.

Eme: Yeah.

Ele: And I'll get to see Tyson.

Eme: Ele…there's a separate section for animals. {with a very well duh…voice}

Ele: Really?

Eme: Yep.


Yes…. She is destined to become a Bible salesman someday! God Bless and Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said…
Love this, they are so cute!!

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