Well, Eme got slapped last night by accident by a very sweet little girl. I was walking upstairs when I noticed another little girl (who is a head taller than her) patting Eme. Now the story goes that the taller girl has a problem with self confidence. Her Mom says she always has and when we first started practicing she would get upset. I would always try and make a special point to help her. I would tell her about how proud I was and point out the good things she would (sometimes giving her a thumbs up and smiling at her if she would see me on the bleachers), and if she started crying I would try and talk to her and tell her how great she was at what she was doing and tell her she was tuff and I knew she could do it. Now I did this as a parent….I am not one of their coaches, but cannot keep my mouth shut! Haha! Imagine that. Well, at practice she made my night. Here I was looking down on the court and I see Eme looking like she was crying. As I stated before, the taller girl was patting her and talking to her. When I saw her look up scanning for me, still patting Eme….she saw me smiled really big, and gave be a thumbs up. Eme went on and started playing ball.

I almost started crying. I realized I had made a difference in a child's life, and hopefully taught her something she could carry on past the basketball season, someone other than my own child. The other parents tease me and call me the team Mom because I have a little kit for emergency's including an icepack…actually two so if two girls get hurt at once we're covered. I think I have learned to really wear that badge with pride. You know can always learn something every day….even that by smiling and giving a thumbs up you can make another person's life better.

God Bless!


Anonymous said…
Thumbs up Stinker!!

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