Sometimes we fall, whether it be on the ice, snow, in the middle of a four lane highway (yes, I have done that), in a friendship, or in our faith. So lets look at my spill in the road…..do you think I laid there and curled up like a turtle, to let traffic run over me? No, I got up, bruised, bleeding and battered….and I went on like it never had happened. Did I learn from it…oh yeah. Once I got to my destination did I check out all my injuries and doctor them for them to heal….yep. Are friendships like that….do sometimes they fall and we need to start over after brushing the hurt feelings aside….yes, forgiving ourselves and our friend in the process….yes.

Faith is like that as well, even MORE so. When we fall in our faith, we must get up, clean our mind up of it, accepting what has happened, trusting in God, and continue. We cannot lay in the road waiting to be hit. We must refortify our faith. We have been forgiven of our sins. We can forgive ourselves and continue on the road knowing we are not alone in our journey of life. It has been proclaimed many times that we do not walk the road of life with the burden of sins, nor do we walk it alone. We just have to have the FAITH to believe, and the true acceptance in our heart that we do not travel alone.

God Bless!


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