So all three girls had their first basketball practice Tuesday night. Eme did great and showed better ball control than most of the other girls, but then she did practice all last year and this is the first year for the majority of the girls. It's Eme's first year actually playing, but she practiced with the Ele and Lex all last year. She has trouble shooting, but she is the smallest on the court. Her coach is very nice and we are proud of Eme's skills. Now onto Ele and Lex…of course they gravitate to each other when they have partner stuff at the beginning of whatever they are doing. Their coach is a long time friend of ours, who is of average height, and he and Robert have had a teasing disposition with each other for years. Ele is of course the shortest and Lex is the tallest.

They were doing drills on passing with the coach holding his arms up near the goal and they were supposed to pass to their partner and shoot. Now the whole time Ele kept trying to pass over the coaches head and he would get the ball. He kept saying, "GO LOW" and pointing around him indicating she was supposed to pass to his left to Lex behind him. This goes on and on and he makes Ele do it again. We all know that Ele gets pushed so far and she snaps, we also know that she has her Daddy's personality with a smart mouth twist. Lex on the other hand has a hard time with stuff penetrating her thoughts so she appears to do what she wants when in reality what you are saying to her is just not sinking in. Now she also has a sneaky twist to her personality that causes her to pop off with stuff you don't expect. In saying that what happened next should not surprise us. When Ele is made to do the drill again the coach has his hands up and of course his legs split some and is telling Ele to GO LOW….well, she did….she passed it right between his legs to Lex who scored! We all busted out laughing and clapping. Then it was Lex's turn….he of course is saying GO LOW to which Lex just sails it over his head by two feet to Ele who scores. We all died laughing again. I just looked at Robert and said, "Those are your kids!"

God Bless!


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