We all have special memories of Christmas. Mine run deep with family and tradition. Memories of all my family filled to the brim in a trailer, or sitting with Aunt Shirley and I playing, or just being excited and feeling so loved. I think sometimes we take the season for granted. I try to teach the kids about being a good neighbor by delivering "Christmas Goodies" to the neighbors running thru dark yards….all three girls and me….to knock on a door with me telling them to do it, and them arguing while laughing as to who is going to do the deed. Putting the Angel on the tree or getting all of us to smile in the camera. Singing Christmas songs in church and swearing that Granny is singing as an angel looking down with the rest of the choir while Grindad laughs at something another angel said, or at himself for telling the joke in the first place. Taking the season for granted…..well Jesus was born this season, the very reason for it, sent here to save us, sent here by our Father, whatever you believe, you know in your heart what is true. The reason for the season is true, as is our memories. I have recent ones as well, not just ones from when I was young. We receive cards from old friends, cards that make us smile and cry, bring back memories long forgotten or stored away, looking at these cards and wonder what the next year will hold. Each year we have a favorite….this year I just opened my most cherished…. A card from a dear family friend who reminds me that to live a full life is the most wonderful reminder of the love we have been given during this season….it simply read….Love always and God Bless my sweet.

God Bless to each of you during this season and always….carry it in your heart wherever you may go.


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