Zeus was trying to climb over Atlas this afternoon to get to Eme in this pic. Less than 30 min later we lost him. When Robert came home and pulled in the drive he didn't know it but Atlas ran down the road (to get to Crazy Lady's house so he could "play" with her dog...it's the first time he has tried to do it) and Zeus tried to follow. By the time Robert got the car parked Zeus had already been hit. He died immediately, and didn't suffer. We told the girls that he passed doing what he loved to do...playing and chasing. As with most things in their lives we tried to make this a learning lesson for the girls. We told them that this was a perfect example of how you take nothing for granted, you live in today, and you enjoy life because you never know what will happen. Please pray for Robert and the girls. Robert had to bury the first dog that was really his, and Eme lost one of her "buddies". Ele and I, well we are animal lovers, and we will miss him too. He really was a good "Little Man".

God Bless.
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