I'm off today and next week…whooohooo! We have plans, and plans, and plans! One of the thing that I have learned is that if your PLANS do not go right DON'T get upset. Now if you notice I did not capitalize the most important word of that scentence. YOUR……They are your plans, not God's. He may have other plans for you. If you get stuck somewhere behind someone struggling….help them. It may not be in your timeframe, but it may be in God's. Open your heart, your mind, and be flexible. You'll be happier! Have a great weekend!

God Bless!


h.denise said…
Hey, Na I love your posts, they inspire, sooth and educate us all.
Love the occasional family shots you put in too. So sorry about your dog.
Na said…
Thank you! I try to speak from the heart, and to journal for the girls, so knowing that it helps others is wonderful! Zeus was good, but we never knew how wild until Abby came along...we keep waiting for her to olay hard! haha!
Hoe yall are well!

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