Sorry folks! My brother got married this weekend and we had a very busy week! Pleae pray for Momma today as she goes to a new neurologist to verify that her stroke was caused by the hole in her heart. They told her that 1 in 4 people have the small hole! Wow! Also, Happy Anniv to Jess and Chad! Yall have a great day and remember that through prayer all things are possible!

God Bless!


Holly said…
WHAT, Terry got married?? Congrats to him. My friend Karen (32 years old), had just had her second child 2 weeks prior, had a stroke in the pediatrician's office back in July. She is a HUGE runner and coaches track at Lipscomb University. Anyway, they determined the stroke was caused by a hole in her heart that had never been diagnosed and the clot travelled through the hole to her brain. She has no problems from the stroke and underwent open heart surgery recently and is doing great. They told her she would feel better than ever now. I hope they can fix your mom up right! Love ya'll! Send pics of your brother and new wife!
Na said…
WOW!!! I'll be praying for her! That is crazy! Yeah Terry got married, and I was the wedding coordinator, rehersal and reception caterer. I don't they still have any idea what all happened! I'll post pics, as soon as I get them all downloaded from the camera. Just the photogs were 450, and I haven't even gotten to mine! Love yall!

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