Do you know the baby scent? The scent of a little baby so sweet and warm? Ele has always had that scent, and still does. In the mornings I love smelling her neck when she has just woke up. Tomorrow she turns 8! Can you believe it? 8 years ago since I became Momma to a beautiful blond haired blue eyed baby girl. With each child I looked at them in the hospital and held them, and thought you are mine. Then I wondered when the "mother" feel would come over me. I remember with Ele I had thought it would be wasn't. It was overhelming. Then they said they might keep her, and I felt the feeling, knew it, and let it roll. I knew that it was one of the most powerful emotions known. The feeling of a parent, and especially the feeling of a mother. Ele is smart, considerate, beautiful, and she is ours. She is very strong headed, but least she gets it honest.... Have a great weekend, and Happy Birthday my Baby Love!

God Bless!


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