views's really opinions we're meaning when we call it views. I don't think so though. Views like opinions can be shared, they can be individual, but they morph from a opinion to a view when people follow it. They join in the belief of your view, with the understanding that there is a greaterr "cause" behind it. A reason for it to matter. I found this quote and I like it, although it was written by questionable person, this quote is VERY true. When we ask someone how something happened, their opinion may be skewed by previous experiences that you may not know about. For instance, if I react to someone discussing stem cell research, and their view that it is only done on babies, how am I educating them on their ignorance. NO! I come off looking like Chemo really messed my brain up. If we give people the facts, the opinion that someone else may have can be evolve into a great view. Let's hope that God's view is seen everywhere.

God Bless!

"We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are." –Anais Nin


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