We have always had a hard time with Eme biting, but this past bit has been rough with it. We have tried having them bite her back, but that doesn't work. We have tried woopin, time-out, spanking, taking away her favorite stuff, etc. Now, the taking stuff away bit works the best with her, but she still does it. We are under the impression many times that she is frustrated or provoked, so we handle each situation differently. The other day I told her to make sure if she was feeling frustrated to come to a "Mommy or Daddy" and tell them you were about to bite, so that they could stop what was happening. Well, as usually happens, that one got messed up. Friday all the girls were in the living room, and I heard Eme say, "You better stop or I'm gonna bite!" This was not to us of course, but to her sisters. Do you think it would help me to say that in life?

God Bless!


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