I got to where in a former life I had grown to dislike the word opportunity. It was used so often and so snidely it raked your nerves....all problems in life were opportunities. Had I been given a chance for someone to have used this in a positive way, and not negatively....I think my view might have been different. (Someone of you know all to well what I mean).
I found this quote and it got me to thinking...a way to turn something negative is to look for that very thing instead of having it pressed upon you all the time.
Do you think that in our own lives if we take the very thing we dislike and find a way to like it we can overcome it? Do you think you can leave your past there? I think it depends on how hard you try, and if you find peace with the past enough to walk forward into the future. I guess it just depends on you. Are you willing to change?

God Bless!

"This life is the only one you're given. Look for opportunities to grow, and never be discouraged in your efforts to do so. Don't measure the future by the past; let yesterday be a memory and tomorrow a promise."


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