Your self esteem matters. You have to learn to forgive others, but the hardest is not to beat yourself up and forgive yourself. It is hard not to do it, but it is more important than you realize. I heard this on the radio, and had to look it up. Accepting yourself is more important than simply forgiving yourself. When I was sick, I think that accepting myself was important, but one of the most important things I learned was to accept others, once I did that accepting myself was easier. They are the way they are, and I can not change them, but that is ok. They will stand at the pearly gates alone, as will I. If God an I are right, then my opinion of someone else, or there's of me, doesn't matter. Here's the fellowship I loved that I heard...Have a great weekend yall! (p.s. A policeman came to Eme's pee-school today...she told him that her Daddy never wears a seat belt! haha...Robert told her not to fib, which she replied with, "I didn't! You don't wear it!")

God Bless!

"I spent many years being held captive by the guilt and shame of sins in my past. I would repeatedly ask God for forgiveness, but still feel ashamed after saying “Amen”. I failed to realize that by not accepting God’s forgiveness, I was dishonoring Him. By doubting His ability to accept me, I was doubting God’s capability to completely forgive. As a result, I gave the enemy a stronghold on my heart and was convinced that I didn’t deserve God’s forgiveness, nor His acceptance. "


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