Somedays are rough. Yeah it's ok to admit it, just don't wallow in it. I usually repeat, "It is a good day because I am alive!" Yesterday was one of those days. It's easy to say, "This week seems to be shaping up for a dosey", when we should be saying, "I am going to make today a good day"....don't let the devil win, take one day at a time. Although I loved that last night after my "rough" day, my child made me laugh. The girls were naming the cows, and I said, "Now girls, let me tell you something that Da told me when I was little..." To which Eme replies, "Oh NO! Here we go again!" Then I get home and I had this quote from "the cuz" make me almost pee. She said that if all the talking to yourself doesn't work simply...

Crawl into bed, cover your head close your eyes, assume the fetal position and keep repeating the following:
"I am not born yet, I am not born yet"

I loved it! Pray about it yall! Have a GREAT day!

God Bless!


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