When someone goes to heaven we automatically want to pray for them. There is no need. We are supposed to pray for the family left behind. We know that those who have passed away are better off, and that the ones here on earth are those who really need the help. Sometimes it's hard when the ones who passed away are the ones we cared for, and have less respect for those who are left. That is when we need to remember that God wants us to pray for them the most in any situation, but especially when they are the ones left behind. You cannot live peoples lives for them. You can not pick them up and make them do what is right. They have to come to their own realization of the Glory of God....and we can only pray for them.

God Bless!


Sezen Arslan said…
hello, first of all, i found your blog coincidentally..but im so lucky that i found it coz it is so nice to read your far as i know you are cancer and you are so optimistic bout that matter, which is a miracle really..

As a muslim girl, i like the praying stuff that you descrie in your blog..pls do not lose your faith in God..Keep writing..Bye

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