God is with us

God is with us....that was one of the lessons at VBS yesterday. We had a great time. The kids did great and we all enjoyed a non-stress day. I think I loved the lessons because they meant a lot to me. I just thought about it and asked Ele what she said, (I remembered that when Jess said in church that some of the kids had amazing things that they said God was with them...I didn't even know they had said anything) Ele said, "God was with us when my Momma had cancer." I said,"You did?" and she replied "Yeah, and Jess said that God had been with me a lot." I said yes he is. I then spoke with Jess on the phone and she said Ele was a special girl, and that she was "smart and obsorbant". I said yeah she is. I'm very proud of all my girls, and I'm proud to know that they know God.

God Bless!


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